Nov 5, 2010

VIDEO, SONG: Oprah Winfrey, let me paint your body, by BY Melissa Davey - Northern District Times - 2nd November 2010

Kat Ferguson

KAY Fallico and Kat Ferguson have written a song for Oprah Winfrey in a bid to convince her to donate her body to art.

The singing and song-writing duo, from Ryde and North Ryde, was inspired to write the song after meeting artist Eva Rinaldi, who would like to paint Oprah’s body for charity when the talk-show queen visits Australia in December.
“We were being interviewed for a community radio station about a different song we’d written, and Eva was on the segment before us painting the DJ live on air,” Mrs Fallico said.
“We just had a connection with Eva, a familiar energy, and that night when I got home I had an email from her telling me about her campaign to paint Oprah.
“She asked me to write her a song to help promote her cause.”
Even though Mrs Fallico was asked to write the song in just two days, she rose to the challenge, using the melody from an existing love song she and Mrs Ferguson had written called If I Could Have One Wish.
“After I got the email I couldn’t stop thinking about it, it was for a good cause and I just felt like we had to do this,” Mrs Fallico said.
“I had ideas churning through my head and stayed up until 3.30am writing it.”
The second verse states; ‘I’d paint a rainbow Oprah Winfrey/Across you, right here, next to me/ And cover every little part of you/ With beautiful hues.’
Mrs Fallico then sent the lyrics to Mrs Ferguson, who adjusted the melody and added the finishing touches before performing the song.
“When we played the song to Eva, she loved it,” Mrs Ferguson said. “She cried.”
The song has been sent to Oprah’s people and Mrs Rinaldi has been asked to send through designs of what she plans to paint, which included a human rainbow, Sydney icons including the Harbour Bridge and indigenous themes.
But she said she would be happy to take requests from Oprah.
“I want Oprah to feel comfortable,” Mrs Rinaldi said.
The ladies say they are big fans, and Mrs Fallico has had an image of Oprah on her inspiration board for the past two years.
“She is just such an inspirational lady and I admire her strength,” Mrs Fallico said.
“She helps humanity by using the lifestyle which has been afforded to her. That’s why we do music.
“We don’t do it for money or for ego, but to inspire a feeling in people.”
The billionaire TV host announced she would be jetting to Australia to film episodes of her show, bringing with her with 300 members of her audience and 150 crew for her “ultimate Australian adventure”.
The federal and NSW governments, along with corporate sponsors Qantas, Ten Network and R.M. Williams, have put up $3 million to finance the trip, regarded as a major project towards enticing more Americans to visit Australia. (Credit: Northern District Times)
(Eva Rinaldi version) By Kathryn Ferguson and Kay Fallico
Verse 1
If I could have one wish
What I’d wish for is this
To have you right here next to us
Down Under Sydney Opera House
Verse 2
I’d paint a rainbow Oprah Winfrey -
Across you, right here, next to me
And cover every little part of you
With beautiful hues
And if your friends like John Travolta
Are just as keen to let me try
I would paint them picture perfect too
Under Sydney’s summer skies
I feel a masterpiece unfolding, beneath this paintbrush that I’m holding
And I’ll leave each human canvas stained with my name Eva Rinaldi
Dear Oprah please be brave, cause every coin I raise, will make this world a better place
We’d share a perfect piece of time, let the dreamer in me shine
Soul to soul I will thank you, always
Verse 3
Promise you one thing
What I promise is this
To FEEL my way, every single day
With everything that I do
Verse 4
For every bless-ed opportunity
Unfolding right here
I’ll serve the human spirit
Like the angel in you
(Dear Oprah) If I could have one wish
What I’d wish for is this ..