Jul 5, 2011

Eva Rinaldi chats with ABC Radio about the World Bodypainting Festival, 5th July 2011

A mixture of art and fashion, body painting is a world of fashion all of its own.  Though temporary, it makes a big statement for as long as the walking masterpiece wants to parade in that fashion…

The human body as artist’s pallete is usually completely naked, save for a very brief bikini or even a g-string and the measure of a great bodypainting job is how effectively the artist hides the breasts on the woman subject!  Seriously – sometimes the artist can apply the paint so skillfully that you cannot easily see one’s private parts…

Such was the case for a myriad of wonderful bodypaint artists who competed or rather displayed their work at the final day at the World Bodypainting Festival 2011 on 3 July 2011 in Poertschach, Austria.


Human Statue Bodyart

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