Apr 19, 2012

Human Statue Bodyart: Sydney based fitness reality TV show gets bodypaint

Shine Australia is the latest Australian television production company to company to stand out from the pack using bodypaint in their television programming.

A reality TV program being filmed in Sydney's Sutherland shire will have some personal fitness trainers decked out in bodypaint, as part of their team identification.

The addition of bodypainted fitness trainers helped their already sexy and sporty show reach a new level of excitement, lifeforce and wow factor.

The bodypaint component is helping generating positive buzz for the production and will help the show become even more topical fodder for under the watercooler, powered along by social media and positive word of mouth.

Shine Australia continues to innovate in Australian television production with fresh and outside the box media and marketing campaigns.
Stay tuned to this station for more details of the upcoming reality TV show featuring the always popular bodypaint and bodyart.


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Human Statue Bodyart

Eva Rinaldi Photography Flickr

Eva Rinaldi Photography Flickr