Jul 3, 2013

Human Statues, also known as Living Statues or Live Statues, prove popular in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, Australia

Human Statues, also known as Living Statues or Live Statues, prove popular in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, Australia; Statues raise awareness of companies, brands via smart marketing and advertising; Add entertainment value to corporate and private sector; Also add to bodypainting campaigns...

One of the most popular entertainment and creative arts offering of Human Statue Bodyart are human statues. Living statues will attempt to surprise and delight a passer-by by suddenly moving or striking a new pose. Fooled or not, human statues are a great source of entertainment that guests will enjoy.

Some of our statues include Venetian statues, Italian goddess and god statues, futuristic and robot statues, dancing statues, sports icon statues, gold, silver and bronze statues, Hollywood and movie statues, and corporate statues (often painted and made up in the colours and themes of the clients choosing).

We can even make statues up to compliment paintings at art galleries, as seen at numerous high profile art galleries in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. This is a growing trend in the Australian arts world that is bound to catch on overseas.

The use of human statues (and bodypainting) is also continuing its popularity in music videos and movies (be watching out for Mystique in the new X-Men movie). Upcoming Marvel Entertainment movie 'The Wolverine' won't be short on bodyart and special effects either. 'Glow in the dark' bodypainting and models are very popular at nightclubs on the east coast of Australia.

Besides being able to remain stationary for extended periods of time, our highly experienced team of artists combine contemporary style and special techniques into the performance. 

Human Statues are fantastic at adding to the atmosphere for a cocktail party and pre-dinner and dance programme. They can also be used for corporate products and services for advertising and road shows. Whatever the purpose, human statues are highly customisable to suit your next event.

Examples of human statues for events...


STATUE FOR REBRANDING AND PUBLIC RELATIONS (eg: Sydney Opera Bar, The Star - New Years Eve and Skins)

STATUE FOR COCKTAIL PARTIES, PRE-DINNER AND DANCE EVENTS AND HOTEL BAR PROMOTIONS (eg: 'March Into Merivale' and Zeta Bar 'Alto Tango', 'The Secret Garden' and 'Extreme Cabaret'

STATUE FOR MUSIC VIDEO (e.g Raymond Usher)

STATUE FOR MASS AWARENESS (eg: Nova FM - City2Surf, Levis)

Judge Living Statue


STATUE FOR CHARITY (eg. Fund Raising, Charity Performance)

Examples of bodypainting for events and campaigns...

NOVA FM - City2Surf and 'The Golden Wippa'

Sydney Bodyart Bike Ride

DC Comics - Warner Bros. INJUSTICE GODS AMONG US 'Wonder-Woman' and 'Green Lantern'

Marvel Entertainment - 'The Punisher', as seen at Supanova pop culture expo, Sydney, Australia

Mulberry - the popular fashion brand as seen at 'Vogue's Fashion Night Out', Sydney

Take40 'Stars Of Summer' VIP event at the Playstation Mansion

Sydney Mardi Gras - 'Mr Fair Day' - our creation won the 'Best of Fair' award

Pharmacare - 'Pharmarama' event at Luna Park, Sydney

Crown Casino, Melbourne Australia - various VIP and 'High Roller' events

Australasian Gaming Expo - various gaming brands including IGT 'Sex And The City' and Paltronics 'Jungle Madness'

Eclipse Body Painted

Specsavers Human Statue

Human Statue Bodyart and Human Entertainment have been established for over 10 years and are Australia's leading and most popular provider of human statues, bodypaint and bodyart services. Be sure to check out our online photo gallery and happy client testimonials. Please ask our team all about human statues, bodypainting, bodyart and other entertainment and creative arts services. We also offer special package promotions by booking many of our entertainment needs through us.

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