Oct 31, 2010

Creative sports exhibit highlights poverty with Eva Rinaldi, - 31st October 2010

Photography Credit: Roberto Duran http://tokes.redbubble.com/
Bodyartist Eva Rinaldi

OMG There is a real Santa and Reindeer (Tommy Grujevski)

           There is a real Santa (Tommy Grujevski)

Poverty has been one of the world's greatest challenges for thousands of years and a Sydney, Australia based artist and bodypainter is the latest to put a spotlight on the issue, with the assistance of her team of teen models that include some champion athletes.

In a most unusual collaboration the world renown artist Eva Rinaldi organised a somewhat spontaneous Sunday arts exhibit and photo shoot at a secret location favored by many of Sydney's more edgy artists. Hint: lots of abandoned trams and a plethora of graffiti art adorn the walls (and floor).

Rinaldi, who is now known the world over as the Australian artist who is campaigning to bodypaint or create a human statue of famed TV queen and philanthropist, Oprah Winfrey, organised the gathering of about a dozen in less that 24 hours, and the end result has already been decided as world class, as are many of her recent expos.

We tracked down Rinaldi for her candid comments on today's most unique happening.

"We are all absolutely delighted with the end result of today's exhibit and photo shoot. We'd been to our favorite little secret location before, but today's result even exceeded my expectations. We were fortunate enough to work with famed photographer Roberto Duran again, and there's no doubt that Roberto's magic with the lends and children helps us all maintain a world class production. I was particularly pleased with both the shots of my son Joseph who is showing displaying his soccer skills as well as our Santa who stumbled across a couple of dogs on the premise who we all thought would make Australian style reindeer. With Christmas and all coming up we thought why not, and now many of our friends and associates can expect early Christmas cards and even customised postcards, and that also includes you Oprah, because I've got a strong feeling your reading our articles and your pending visit to Australia nears. Today was certainly a highlight in our year that included hundreds of exhibits, and we all can't wait to do more, with a return visit to beautiful Bondi Beach coming up in a week or two."

Rinaldi's exhibit today entitled 'Children Help Poverty', went for a marathon 5 hours all told. For the uninitiated some of the elements that go into a happening such as this include talent management, paint preparation, logistics, media, briefing the team and a lot of post and pre production follow-up.

The models and their respective messages painted on their bodies today were: Michelle Bonserio 'Tennis has given me soul' (Martina Navratilova), Kayleb Cantali 'Hating people because of their color is wrong. And it doesn't matter which color does the hating. It's just plain wrong' (Muhammad Ali), Joseph Rinaldi 'God gives us all special gifts' (Ronaldinho), Micky Grujevski 'Music can change the world because it can change people' (Bono), Antonio Bagnato 'All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up' (Pablo Picasso), and 5-year old Tommy Grujevski 'There is a real Santa'.

As you can imagine a great deal of fun and inspiration was had by all, young and old, and the team remains extremely optimistic that the happening will help keep poverty awareness front of mind.

Rinaldi has been a passionate campaigner on issues such as poverty for the better part of a decade, and shows no signs of slowing down as Winfrey and other famed global social and communities are set to hit Sydney shores over the coming months.

Early next month interested persons will have the chance to witness Rinaldi's 'Joy's World' TVS television appearance which also features a song about her desire to paint Winfrey by the talented singer songwriter team of Kat Ferguson and Kay Fallico.

Based on Rinaldi's recent creative arts efforts and results it appears likely that she will continue to achieve her dreams and aspirations, while also giving those of her team and associates a sporting chance.

  Joseph Rinaldi 'God gives us all special gifts' (Rinaldo)
Micky Grujevski 'Music can change the world because it can change people' (Bono)

Kayleb Cantali' Hating people because of their color is wrong. And it doesn't matter which color does the hating. It's just plain wrong' (Muhammad Ali)

Antonio Bagnato 'All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up' (Pablo Picasso)

Michelle Bonserio 'Tennis has given me soul' (Martina Navratilova)

Bodyart Eva Rinaldi

A Special thanks to all the parents and artists:


Human Statue Bodyart


Roberto Duran official website

Oct 29, 2010

Avatar mystery building up in Sydney suburbs with Eva Rinaldi; News media companies start probe, 29th October 2010

                          Benjamin Cao Peter Carrette Photography Peter Carrette -Icon Images

A new mystery has struck Sydney's suburbs, stretching from Bondi Beach out to Marrickville and beyond, which has people from all walks of life wondering where the lovable creatures will strike next.

It was film producer / director James Cameron who introduced the world to 'Avatar' in 2009, however sources close to Cameron and News Limited owned 20th Century Fox deny any responsibly for the "rebel" avatar phenom to hit Sydney streets.

Marketing and media insiders have noted however that the "knock off" Avatar's have a habit of showing up whenever bodypainter and artist Eva Rinaldi and one or two of her photographic team are around.

In this month alone the rebel 'Avatar' creatures have been seen and photographed at Bondi Beach (alongside the graffiti art wall), the Sydney Opera House, Abbotsford and most recently, Marrickville (Skid Row Radio).

Judging upon appearance the mysterious Avatar's are neither the work of amateurs, however they are not quite ready to insert right into a Cameron production either.

A source who claims to be close to the rebel Avatar's leaked that they are quite likely creations of Sydney based artist Eva Rinaldi, who perhaps not by coincidence has also embarked on a national - international campaign to bodypaint and / or create a human statue of Oprah Winfrey, who is set to hit Australian soil this December.

The leak said "I'm pretty sure its Eva Rinaldi behind this publicity stunt - ambush marketing effort of sorts. She's very clever. You will note that there's no branding on her bodypainted creations, unlike the Barvaria beer happening at the World Cup. She seems to have her heart in the right place and its not a blatant brand knock off or anything else that is likely to get her in hot water on the legal front. It's actually very clever and talented work and marketing, and she looks to have created an international marketing and media campaign on a shoestring budget. I'm pretty sure had something to do with the Sydney Opera House 'John Travolta' shenanigans last weekend on the open day also. By plugging into major events she's generating national and worldwide publicity, and I think it may even be assisting the official Tourism Australia and Oprah Winfrey media campaigns also. Her campaign, if its hers of course, is likely to spark a number of copy cat artists, and I think that may have already happened.  If one further researches Eva Rinaldi you come across Human Statue Bodyart on the internet, and there's a number of photos, articles and even blog entries that further suggest she is the mastermind behind these Avatar phenoms".

Thus far both the official Avatar franchise and the mystery Avatar's have received largely balanced and positive news media coverage.

James Cameron's Avatar recently announced that they will be doing a trilogy, and something tells us that Rinaldi and co conspirators are also well aware of that fact.

Readers, if you happen to spot any of the rebel Avatar's in your neighborhood please make contact with both local authorities and us immediately. No one has offered any reward money to date, however an anonymous legal eagle did suggest that if the outbreak of the new breed of Avatar's become too much of a problem that reward money may be offered.

Rinaldi or her Human Statue Bodyart enterprise is understood to have not entered any marketing or media awards this year, but judging upon her recent efforts we think most certainly that she should throw her colourful hat in the ring.

At the time of publication a media leak suggested that Rinaldi and / or the rebel Avatars, will also be covered in suburban Sydney newspaper, Northern District Times, published by the Cumberland Newspaper Group.

In the meantime entertainment and media commentators have suggested to enjoy the ride, as its unlikely to last forever, however with that said, Rinaldi and friends are understood to always remain one or two steps ahead of the thought police, adding media tycoon Richard Branson, John Travolta, Nicole Kidman and rock gods KISS to her 'To Do - To Paint' list.  Rinaldi if you're out there, and I think you are, I See You!

                                              "Rebel"Avatar and Eva Rinaldi

      Taaleah Jezierski and (Rebel) Avatar (Skid Row Radio)

Human Statue Bodyart

Avatar official website

Oct 21, 2010

Australian bodyartist Eva Rinaldi breaking down walls at Bondi Beach to bodypaint Oprah, - 17th October 2010

Photography Credit: Peter Carrette

It was another glorious day at Bondi Beach as summer continues to sneak up on us.

The beach was abuzz today with clear blue skies, 22 degree temperatures, awesome surf, surf comps for pros and the nippers and much more.

As the day moved forward a special vibe swept through the iconic beach. Before long, beach walkers and cafes were chatting about the fact that today was the Bali day of remembrance and that this would also be included in surfing and artistic endeavors.

At roughly 10am a now familiar site, the 'Let's Paint Oprah' artists and models, were seen getting creative with their bodypaint workshops up against the famous graffiti art wall which runs between the Bondi life guard towers and the skatepark. One hour later six eclectic models had been bodypainted, and Bondi's resident photographer and noted philanthropist, Peter Carrette, was quick to snap up the action, so Team Human Statue can wire and Facebook the images around the world.

Eva Rinaldi and her human rainbow clan has taken to Bondi Beach like a ducks to water, and Eva has clearly established herself as Bondi's newest and most creative local force.

Today Eva organised 6 models (Jillian Biscara, Benjamin Cao, Dominique Nasr, Alesandra Nasr, Victoria Mauromatis and Victoria Gorette) to be painted by her collaborative of artists.

The themes were partly inspired by the Bondi Beach graffiti art wall and were entitled 'Breaking Down The Wall To Painting Oprah'.

To date Eva's campaign to paint or do a human statue of Oprah Winfrey have included 'Let's Paint Oprah', 'Dear Oprah', and 'My Want Today Is To Paint Oprah Winfrey' (via Sydney radio), and next up will be 'Walk To Oprah', which will involve a gathering of bodypainted models and iconic Australians walking for a good cause from Circular Quay to the Sydney Opera House in the coming weeks.

As a number of beachgoers said earlier, the mere fact that Human Statue Bodyart did get a return phone call from Oprah's Harpro Productions is evidence that they're on the right track. A large number of people walking past Eva's creations were overheard to say words to the effect of "I know what that is. That's the lady who wants to bodypaint Oprah".

All we can say is keep doing what you're doing, may the world be your human rainbow, and be blessed in your quest to collaborate with Oprah and friends.

         Photography Credit: Peter Carrette

Oct 15, 2010

'Dear Oprah' At Bondi Beach by Eva Rinaldi

Bodyart By Eva Rinaldi: Photography Icon Images, Peter Carrette

A WAVERTON artist will ask US TV talk-show queen Oprah Winfrey to strip off and have her body painted for charity when visiting Australia in December.
Body painter and make-up artist Eva Rinaldi has started an international campaign to get the mega-star to agree to the challenge of being “tastefully” painted with Sydney icons such as the Harbour Bridge and Bondi Beach, wearing only a bikini.
The stunt would “not only be for a kick” but to also raise money for a worthy cause of Winfrey’s choice, Rinaldi said.
On the premiere episode of the farewell season for the hugely popular Oprah Winfrey talk-show last week, the host announced to a studio audience that she was bringing all 300 of them down-under for a visit.
Winfrey will film at least two episodes of her talk show during the highly-anticipated stay, including one at the Sydney Opera House when the iconic building will be transformed into the Sydney “Oprah” House.
When Rinaldi heard that Winfrey was planning a visit, she started planning for a campaign to body paint her idol.
“I’m a huge fan,” Rinaldi said.
“I have always wanted to body paint her.”
Rinaldi said the offer extended to the travelling US audience.
“I would leave it up to (Winfrey) to decide what she would like to have painted but it would be very tastefully done,” she said.
“I would like it to have an Australian theme.
“If the audience is happy to do it we might paint them as the Harbour Bridge, with Oprah in the centre. She is the queen and we will make her look pretty special.”
This Saturday, a Winfrey look-a-like will be body painted as a lifesaver with about 150 other people at Bondi Beach to promote the challenge.
The call-out for the look-a-like attracted 800 applications within 48 hours, Rinaldi said.
See the amazing photos of Rinaldi’s previous body paint work here
She hoped the campaign, the chance of raising money for a charity and her past work, including the Help Poverty campaign and World Vision Calendar, would convince Winfrey to do it.
By Boel Eriksson.

Eva Rinaldi Bodyart creation

Eva Rinaldi

Photography: Credit: Peter Carrette (Icon Images)

La Catrina-Mexican Day of the Dead, bodyart with Eva Rinaldi

                      "roberto duran":http://tokes.redbubble.com on photography
                                              Eva Rinaldi Bodyartist

Body painting and human statues are back in vogue according to world-renowned body painter, educator and social and community entrepreneur, Eva Rinaldi.

Eva Rinaldi is taking on the world by storm, sharing her knowledge and passion for all.

Like many dynamic Australian business people she was quick to notice the pending arrival to our shores of Oprah Winfrey, and has bold, yet achievable plans to body paint Oprah and / or some of her audience and celebrity guests.

Australia’s undisputed body painting goddess is riding a wave of positive momentum at the moment, fresh off a highly regarded photo shoot project with acclaimed photographer Roberto Duran. The impressive results of the local shoot ‘La Catrina’ will be available for public exhibition at the Pine Arts Australian Gallery from the 24th – 30th October.

The expo feature will include some of the areas most diverse cultural and Mexican entities, including models Elkatrina, Analise Greco, 4 (Strathfield), Lui Cantali, 5 (Five Dock), Victoria Gordetts, Arianna Starr and Phoenix (Sydney).

Gordetts said, "Getting body painted feels like a second skin and a light massage. It feels good”.

They will be all in good company with Rinaldi recently having also completed collaborations with Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and Shannon Noll.

Rinaldi said "It’s a really exciting time for all of us at the moment. We do a lot community work and nurturing young talent. Now, with a number of celebrated business entrepreneurs coming to Australia, we all think it’s a wonderful chance to get everything to the next level and help out worthy causes. My ‘wish list’, which is actually more of a ‘to do’ list includes Oprah, Richard ‘Virgin’ Branson, Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley and Ace Frehley (KISS), Blondie, Cher, John Trovolta and Russell Crowe. We have come up with a way for the celebrities to champion their favorites causes, so money raised will be put to good use. We think Oprah will see merit in this, and I’m certain a number of the range of celebrities will agree to be painted. A couple of them are friends, so I think they will be happy to do this for sure. We just hope Oprah will join the party."

Some may be a little skeptical of Rinaldi’s grand plans, however, based upon her almost decade of arts meets corporate work experience, the scales appear to be tipped in her favor. Just a couple of Human Statue BodyArts’ bigger campaigns include World Vision, Tourism Australia, Sydney Body Art Bike Ride, and famous Sydney Opera Bar!

Rinaldi and her world class team believe in making a positive difference when possible, and they’ve been able to do plenty of this over the years. Now with the likes of Oprah, Branson and Blondie about to grace our shores once again, the timing couldn’t be better.

To help create further buzz, awareness, and all important local employment opportunities, Rinaldi is now searching for an Oprah look-a-like to compliment the campaign. The model must be open to having African fruit, themes and Sydney icons painted on their body. In addition, there’s some golden opportunities for children (3 – 5) who appear to be from African descent.

It’s easy to see why Rinaldi and her team are so excited about Oprah and other celebrated entrepreneurs coming to Australia, and we think that there’s a good chance more of her dreams will indeed become reality.

For more information on Rinaldi’s amazing creations be certain to have a look at her website http://www.humanstatuebodyart.com.au and Facebook http://www.facebook.com/eva.rinaldi2

Potential models, please e-mail bodyartist@bigpond.com with recent head shot.


                Isabelle De Backer

                Ekaterina Yatsenko

"Victoria": MODEL
Children: Lui Cantali and Analise Greco
                                            Photographer Roberto Duran:
 Photographer:Roberto Duran: model: Annalise Greco



"Victoria": MODEL