Aug 4, 2013

Party in Gold Style - Body Painting

“It has a distinctly smooth, sweet and luxurious character, with a stylish elegance and refined quality.”
Johnnie Walker (Official Website)

Forget the red, the black or the blue – Marquee Sydney is going gold!
The nightclub shall be embellishing itself in gold décor, gold displays, and maybe even gold people – in honour of the Johnnie Walker® Gold Label Reserve.
The label is an expression of life’s golden moments – the moments that we indulge in – and where else better to represent that then at Marquee Sydney’s Block Party on August 2nd.
But, before you put on your fanciest dress or your suavest suit, learn a little bit more about the richness that is Johnnie Walker® Gold Label Reserve.
Blended in 1920, Johnnie Walker® Gold Label Reserve was blended and kept top-secret until the early 1990s. The Gold Label is a beautifully Blended Scotch Whisky that retains the Johnnie Walker® smokiness and exemplifies the 200 year old luxurious flavour.
With a balance of clynelish and cardhu, the Gold Label delivers a delicate smoothness and creamy honey-flavoured texture that will send your senses wild.
So if you wish to immerse yourself in a night of pure richness and sophistication then clear your calendar for Friday August 2nd, grab your ticket and meet us at Marquee Sydney’s Block Party!

It is going to be a night of pure celebration.