Dec 6, 2010

Human Statue Bodyartist Eva Rinaldi Featured In Today's New Idea - 6th December 2010

Australia's most successful and well known bodyartist, Eva Rinaldi, is featured in today's New Idea magazine (pages 16 and 17 to be precise).

The Sydney based artist, widely acknowledged as Australia's biggest Oprah fan, has been following 'O's show since it first hit Australian airwaves about a decade ago.

Ms Rinaldi's son, Joseph, was a large part of her inspiration to start painting, a journey she's been on since 1997.

In today's New Idea she says "I just love her. She's my biggest inspiration, as a person and businesswoman. I cry every time I watch her show".

Oprah followers will be aware of her Australian tour which will include at least two official TV tapings. The fine details of the show, even including the guest list and a range of surprises, are being closely guarded.

Business, tourism and government analysts forecast that Oprah's show will generate millions of dollars of exposure for Australia, and the Sydney Opera House is acting as a major hub for the entertainment and media icon. Bondi Beach is also understood to be high on her priorities.

The buzz is the Oprah will spend part of her time in Australia at a real families home.

Stay tuned to this blog, Network Ten, New Idea and most mainstream media outlets for more details as the countdown to Oprah down under continues.


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