Sep 16, 2011

Specsavers continues NSW business expansion via bodypaint, by Eva Rinaldi - 16th September 2011

The ultra popular Australian eyewar retailer Specsavers has continued to show significant vision and daring in its latest campaign incorporating human statues into its marketing and media mix.

No, we're not talking about Alex Perry being the public face and voice of the company either, but rather a more measured media and marketing mix incorporating bodypaint and themed costumes.

It's marketing vision includes standing out from the pack, and they have again ramped up their campaign incorporating sales 101, superior customer service, quality products, and creativity... thanks to the eye catching human statues.

Last week Specsavers launched their Perth store, but today it was time for NSW via the Winston Hills store, following the lead from the Wetherill Park store this past Wednesday.

Specsavers is currently enjoying an Australia wide campaign which has been running like a freight train from NSW to SA, across to WA, and has now come back full circle to NSW via Western Sydney outlets in the heart of "Boganville".

It's been confirmed that countless retail masterminds from across the nation are watching the Specsavers - Human Statue Bodyart campaign closely, with rumblings dozens of other retailers are going to give the statues and bodypainting a go, in order to not be overshadowed by the dynamic and somewhat daring marketing tactics.

Impressive marketing and media tactics shown by Specsavers, or not? The watercooler chat states beancounters will know for certain in a matter of weeks, and early indicators demonstrate the eyewear retailer has shown great vision with the campaign, and that the rewards have far exceeded the risk.

A number of major retail giants such as Westfield's will soon be testing the waters with statues and bodypaint, and some heavyweights in the hotel - casino - resort sector will also be soon following suit, having caught wind of the campaign, with some also seeing human statues in action at a certain Sydney hotel...something about "Hilton" and extreme cabaret.

The retail industry is remaining divided as to if the statues were too "extreme" or not, but daring to be different may be one of the few ways to bring to life campaigns in the struggling retail sector.

*the writer is the director of Human Statue Bodyart


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