Jun 13, 2012

Sydney pair pull Beastie Boys stunt at MCA - NineMSN

It was the perfect tribute. Almost.

When Sydney creative duo James Beswick and Dan White decided to honour the memory of late Beastie Boys member, Adam "MCA" Yauch, they could not think of a venue more perfect than the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA).

"It was the perfect location to do a bit of sabotage", Mr White told ninemsn.

And the perfect tribute? A guerrilla-style art installation complete with a human statue and fake artist's statement.

"Their brand was about being a bit anarchist as well and that’s why everyone loved them," Mr White said.

Mr White and Mr Beswick hired Kim Staton, from Human Statue Bodyart, to strike a quintessential MCA pose beside the artworks that line the walls of the museum.

Mr Staton managed to hold the pose for 20 minutes without moving, even with people trying to make him laugh and posing for photos with him.

The creative duo was able to film him, and the various reactions, after managing to sneak a camera inside the museum.

"He was a really talented guy. He didn't break once," Mr White said.

Mr White said the saboteurs weren't thrown out of the museum — a security guard even seemed to enjoy their work.

"It kind of doesn't add to the anarchist element," he said.

The tribute was performed in aid of The Cancer Council, which Mr White and Mr Beswick are raising money for.

To donate to their cause, visit their fundraising page or take a look at their Facebook page.

Author: Ali Best. Approving editor: Fiona Willan


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