Mar 18, 2013

Human 'Statue' Punches Man Who Harasses Him In Australia

This human "statue" came to life when a jerk pestered him and went too far.
In the video above, a fellow apparently bent on mischief approaches the silver-painted cowboy "statue" and proceeds to harass him, despite the urging of one onlooker to "leave him alone".
But the wet willy and face rub, rubbed him up the wrong way, and after a few moments, he delivers a cool right cross to his tormentor's face.
The best part? The pugilistic cowpoke reverts to statue mode immediately afterward.
The description of the video, which was posted to YouTube by user "oathyRICH" on Friday, states the incident happened at Surfers Paradise on Australia's Gold Coast.
According to, the area "is cradle and showroom to the Gold Coast's finest busking and street performance talent and the epicentre of southeast Queensland's street performance culture."