Apr 2, 2014

Blood soaked Carrie turns CBD into horror movie set during peak hour stunt

Jordan Fleming scared Sydneysiders with her impersonation Carrie Source: Supplied Reactions ranged from revulsion to hysterical laughter when a blood-soaked Carrie impersonator made her was hrough the city today. Workers, shoppers and students came face-to-face with the horror movie character complete with bloody prom dress, withered bouquet and tiara today to mark the release of Carrie on Blu-ray and DVD. Film marketing has become keen on using actors dressed up as film characters to launch DVDs in Sydney, with Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters and The Heat both given similar treatment in the past six months.
What the... Carrie impersonator stays in character as shocked passers by gape at her bloody get-up. Source: Supplied The Heat launch was labelled Sydney’s sexiest flash mob ever when a group of dancers clad in spanx and wearing stilettos broke into dance at Central Station. The Percy Jackson release was equally quirky, with four actors wandering the CBD dressed as stone Greek demi-gods catching trains, buying newspapers and even riding bikes. Today, wearing a murderous stare in full prom night horror-climax costume, Carrie’s appearance was a nod to the movie’s pivotal scene. In it, Carrie White unleashes her telekinetic powers to wreak havoc on her peers, following a prank that sees her covered in pig’s blood at prom.
Chloe Moretz stars in Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures and Screen Gems' horror thriller film CARRIE. Source: Supplied Jordan Fleming as Carrie today in the CBD. Source: Supplied Jordan Fleming, who played the part of Sydney’s Carrie said despite the obvious mixed reactions most people seemed to enjoy the stunt. “There was a real mixture of reactions from people laughing out loud to recoiling in Disgust,” she said. “Most people just seemed to enjoy it, It was April Fools after all.”
The actress never broke character despite being surrounded by curious onlookers. Source: Supplied Many of the pedestrians in and around Sydney’s CBD and Central Station took selfies with Carrie, while taxi drivers honked their horns on sighting her. There were of course many people who were keen to keep a safe distance while taking photos. One spectator, Sarah Weston, a student at Sydney’s University of Technology she didn’t realise the event was prank. “I got quite a fright, as she just seemed to come from nowhere,” she said.
Actors portraying classical Greek demi gods in Sydney's Martin Place to promote the DVD release of Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters. Source: News Limited “At first I didn’t realise it was a prank as she was just casually walking up the street. I was definitely April Fooled, anyway.” Last November Squabbalogic Independent Music Theatre presented a new version of Carrie The Musical . The Musical received positive reviews from Sydney audiences despite its Broadway debut in 1988 being met with a howl of outrage, particularly a song and dance routine about the slaughter of a pig at the beginning of Act II.
Spanx, stilettoes and aviator sunnies helped a flash mob rev up Central Station commuters for the DVD release of The Heat last year. Source: Supplied Carrie Official Trailer Carrie is out today on Blu-ray and DVD. A reimagining of Stephen King’s iconic bestseller, the film stars ChloĆ« Grace Moretz and Julianne Moore.