Oct 13, 2010

Eva Rinaldi Human Statue Bodyart Blog

Eva Rinaldi and Joseph Rinaldi

John Howard and Eva Rinaldi with son Joseph

Eva Rinaldi and Raja

Help Poverty



Brick on the wall


Eva Rinaldi is a renowned Australian artist, makeup artist, educator, human statue bodyartist and bodypainter.

Eva has worked in the creative arts field since 1997 when she founded Human Statue Bodyart, then known as Cleopatra Productions.

It was birth of her son, Joseph, who largely inspired Eva to focus on bodypainting, initially face painting, being her area of speciality. The business suited Eva's desire to mix her passion for creativity with a business that would provide adequate income to raise a family.

Today Eva is Australia's foremost and arguably most successful bodypainter, known around the globe for her exclusive and stunning Human Statue Bodyart.

It is widely acknowledged that it was Eva's campaigning to bodypaint American talk show queen Oprah Winfrey, that put her on the world map, however art insiders held Eva in high esteem even before she started working on celebrities in 2006. It was in this period that Eva's humanitarian efforts also rose to prominence, with successful charity fundraiser collaborations with World Vision, Australia Cancer Council, Diabetes Australia and Blue September.

Clients and collaborations of note in her body of work include but are not limited to: Katy Perry, Usher Raymond, Lady Gaga, Shannon Noll, Keith Richards, John Howard, Coca-Cola, Vogue, Sydney Opera Bar, Australasian Gaming Expo, and most recently, her 'Dear Oprah' and 'Let's Paint Oprah' campaigns.

As part of Eva's "currency of celebrity" campaigning her 'to do' list includes Oprah Winfrey, John Trovolta, Richard Branson, Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley, Blondie, Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman, Kate Blanchard and Bono (Paul Hewson). Bondi Beach based photographer Peter Carrette, has collaborated and worked with Eva a number of times, and happens to be friends with a number of personalities of Eva's "to do" list.

Some of Eva's prominent media appearances over the years include The Daily Telegraph, The Australian, Sun-Herald, Saturday Disney Channel, The Morning Show, Channel 31, 4BC, 2UE, BBC, Yahoo7!, NineMSN, Indian Times, The Hollywood Reporter, The Wentworth Courier- The Southern Courier, The Mosman Daily, Inner West Courier, The Examiner, The Glebe.

Eva is based in Sydney, Australia, however is very much a global entity today.

When she's not working Eva likes to spend time on the farm with her horse Raja.

For more information on Eva and her company please visit her official website http://www.humanstatuebodyart.com.au/