Aug 14, 2011

Masquerade party at Zoo Bar, Leichhardt talk of Little Italy, by Eva Rinaldi - 13th August 2011

Masquerade mania was all the rage tonight at Little Italy's Zoo Bar in Norton Street, which was celebrating a birthday.

The 40's plus crowd was into the masquerade theme, but only about 30 percent of the club goers went to any significant effort to dress to the theme.

The doors opened at 9.30pm and it didn't take long for a line up of roughly 100 people to build. The mix was about 40% guys to 60% girls, which one would suspect will be good for business. 

As is sometimes the case, it appeared that some of the ladies who went to extra effort in dressing up got a bit of an "unfair advantage" in getting in early, but I think its fair enough when people make the extra effort in dressing to impress (and in this instance that also included having an impressive mask.)

The cost of the evening was only $20, and was even better hunting at $15 if you were lucky enough to have a "priority entry pass".

Overall the organisers and security did an excellent job of controlling the "party animals" and maintaining order, while there was just enough wildness that one and all were ensured of having a great time. 

Special thanks to Von on the door for your assistance to news media at the event.

By the look of the party there's going to be quite a few folks who attended waking up in the morning with a masked stranger in their bed, or on the lounge, whatever the case.

The event was a success, and its a safe bet that the 40's plus crowd will be back to The Zoo Bar again next Saturday, with or without masks.


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