Aug 13, 2011

Specsavers Seeing Merit In Human Statues, by Eva Rinaldi - 13th August 2011

Popular Australian eyewear retailer Specsavers has shown significant vision and daring in its latest campaign incorporating human statues into its marketing and media mix.
It's marketing vision includes standing out from the pack, and they have embarked on a campaign incorporating solid sales material, superior customer service, fantastic products, and creativity... thanks to the eye catching human statues.
The Perth store campaign recently commenced and was a big hit. This was the latest state to employ the tactics in its Australia wide campaign that spread from NSW to SA, and has now hit WA.  Melbourne will be next, then back to NSW with Sydney's Parramatta Store makeover.
It's understood that many retail hot-shot masterminds from across the industry are watching the Specsavers - Human Statue Bodyart campaign closely, with rumblings other retailers are going to give the statues and possibly bodypainting a go, in order to not be overshadowed by the dynamic marketing tactics.
Brilliant marketing and media tactics shown by Specsavers, or not? The rumour mill says beancounters will know for certain in less than a month, but early indicators demonstrate the eyewear retailer has shown great vision with the campaign, and that the rewards have far exceeded the risk.
A number of major retail giants will soon be testing the waters with statues and bodypaint, and some leaders in the hotel - casino - resort sector will also be soon following suit, having caught wind of the campaign, with some also seeing some human statues in action at a certain Sydney hotel...something about "Hilton" and cabaret.
The retail industry remains divided as to if the statues were too "extreme" or not, but daring to be different may be one of the few ways to bring to life campaigns in the struggling retail sector.
*the writer is the director of Human Statue Bodyart