Mar 11, 2012

Snake Charmer Choppers: Tattoo and Bodypainting Expo

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attoo & Body Art Expo Sydney; Art, Bikes, Oddities, Pro Wrestling and more

It may have been billed Sydney Tattoo & Body Art Expo, but tattoo's were the bread and butter of today's excitement out at Homebush, and we were excited about catching pro wrestling AWF style, plus the "jail cell" action thanks to the folks at Snake Charmer.

We were told that about 5,000 passed thru the gates today (Saturday), such is the popularity of tatts and bodyart in Sydney, Australia. There were a lot more tattoos than regular bodypainting.

Most of the stall holders were really friendly, and most invited the positive media attention also.

The pro wrestling thanks to Greg "TNT" Bounds and his stable of brawlers was one of the highlights for us, as it provided some exciting action to fill out that day. We witnessed an impressive wrestling match between Ben (Iron Jay) Coles VS Gladiator Apollo, that featured both technical wrestling and brawling. After the match they both shook hands, did some off the record interviews and posed for photos (which came very naturally for them).

Back to the regular stalls...

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin from WWE fame would have been proud to hear that skulls were on display (not real ones as far as we know, but quite a few hardcore bikers were on site). There was lots of body jewellery and detailed masterpieces, on many parts of the human body. We saw hundreds of tattoos and piercings, some of which were a bit scary looking.

The customised skateboards and skatedecks at NSP were ultra cool, and it was great to see that they were raising money for some kids that had been doing it tough, so we took some pictures of their cool creations and made a modest donation.

It was the fourth annual Show and more than 300 Australian and international artists strutted their stuff, and they will be doing the same again Sunday (tomorrow).

Big thank you to the organisers of Sydney Tattoo & Body Art Expo, and especially the great folks at AWF Wrestling and Snake Charmer for the excellent performances which we captured.


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